Energy-Efficient Tilting Braising Pans

The tilting braising pan or tilting skillet, is an extremely versatile piece of cooking equipment that will stew, sauté, simmer, boil, defrost, grill, roast, and heat convenience foods. It comes in a variety of sizes, most with a heating element or burner under or in the base of the pan. The tilting skillet can be used efficiently for roasting at low temperatures (150° - 200°) and for holding foods already prepared. When closed, the cover helps retain heat in the unit and enhances its energy efficiency.

New designs in tilting braising pans have increased fuel efficiencies by up to 30% and increased production capabilities as well. While standard tilting braising pans generally operate at well under 50% efficiency (i.e., more than one-half of the heat is wasted), new energy-efficient designs may operate at 60% to 75% efficiency. Manufacturers have improved efficiency through several technologies:

  • Heat transfer is increased between the heating element or the gas flame and the bottom of the skillet. Metal "fins" are welded to the lower surface of the skillet to capture more heat and transfer it to the skillet and thus to the food.
  • Most high efficiency gas units feature electronic ignition, eliminating the need for a standing pilot. This improvement can save up to $50/year.
  • The arrangement of heating elements or burners is optimized to produce more uniform temperatures across the cooking surface, resulting in faster warm-up, improved heat transfer, and the elimination of "hot spots."
  • Griddle surface is thicker (3/4" instead of 3/8"), resulting in more even heating.

    Number of Meals Served Daily
    Number and Size of Tilting Braising Pans
    (1) 20-25-gallon tilting braising pan
    (1) 30-35-gallon tilting braising pan
    (1) 40-gallon tilting braising pan
    (1) 20-25-gallon tilting braising pan &
    (1) 40-gallon braising pan
    (2) 20-25-gallon tilting braising pan &
    (1) 40-gallon braising pan or
    (2) 40-gallon braising pans
    (1) 20-25-gallon tilting braising pan &
    (2) 40-gallon braising pan
    (3) 40-gallon braising pans