Gas Furnace and Boiler Tune-Up

Proper maintenance of boilers and furnaces ensures getting the most for your heating dollar. Periodic tune-ups of heating equipment result in cost savings, increased comfort, and a safer heating system.

Routine boiler maintenance involves cleaning and adjusting burner tips, input air dampers, and ignitors or pilot lights. Cleaning boiler tubes will increase efficiency and reduce the risk of tube cracking. You should also periodically drain the boiler vessel and remove any sediment that has collected.

Furnace maintenance is similar to boiler maintenance. Burner tips, air dampers, and ignition systems are adjusted and cleaned. Heat exchanger surfaces should be cleaned to increase heat output, and furnace filters should be changed regularly to maintain room air quality and reduce the amount of electricity required by the unit fan.

Sticking to a maintenance schedule suggested by your heating service contractor will benefit you in several ways. Well-tuned equipment will save you energy dollars, keep you comfortable and extend the life of your heating system. Keep in mind that proper and professional cleaning and adjustments will save you money and protect your equipment investment.