Low Voltage Incandescent Lamps

Low voltage lighting is ideal for retail and specialty stores, museums, galleries or whenever pinpoint lighting accuracy and excellent color and sparkle are needed to make your merchandise and business look their very best. Low voltage incandescent lighting achieves dramatic lighting effects with unobtrusive fixtures and excellent color rendition at half the operating cost of conventional PAR and flood lamps.

How It Works

Low voltage lamps use a halogen lamp source to operate at a lower voltage than standard incandescent lamps. Standard incandescents operate at 120 volts, but these use a transformer, either in the canister fixture or track, to reduce the voltage to 12 volts. The lamps look similar to a projector lamp, with the bulb surrounded by a reflector to control the beam spread. Low voltage lamps come in a variety of beam spreads to give you the ability to light any area efficiently with less wasted (spill) light. Conventional spot or flood lamps generate a considerable amount of heat. Low voltage incandescents operate two-thirds cooler, protecting sensitive merchandise from heat and fading. This cooler operation also allows for twice the life of conventional incandescents and can also result in significant savings on air conditioning costs.


Since low voltage lamps are a halogen source, they provide a crisp, white light which brings colors to life. They are especially suited to track lighting applications where you want to create sparkle, excitement and interest in your merchandise. If you are currently using a 150-Watt PAR or flood lamp, replace it with a 75-Watt low voltage incandescent and save approximately $13.50* annually.


  • Reduced energy costs due to lower voltage
  • Lower air conditioning costs due to reduced heat output
  • Longer lamp life saves on replacement costs
  • Pinpoint accuracy and excellent color rendition
  • Smaller, less obtrusive fixtures

Note: If dimming capabilities are desired, care should be taken to use a dimmer approved by the manufacturer. An improper dimmer can result in transformer damage and shortened lamp life.

*Based on $0.06/kWh over 3,000 hours/year.