Dryer Heat Recovery Systems

Laundry dryers normally exhaust large amounts of warm, moist air. This costly waste of energy can be avoided by installing a heat recovery system which reduces drying times, saving you labor and energy dollars. Dryer heat recovery systems pay for themselves in about two years depending on operation characteristics.

A typical clothes dryer draws in outdoor air, heats the air, and distributes it throughout the clothes. After circulating through the clothes, the air is exhausted taking with it moisture and heat. To recover the exhausted heat, an air-to-air heat exchanger is installed so that the incoming air is preheated by the hot exhaust air. Since the incoming air is preheated, the gas burner operates less, saving money.

Things To Remember

  • There must be ample space behind the dryers to accommodate the duct work.

  • If each dryer exhaust feeds into a main duct to exit the building, your installation costs may be higher. The installation cost will be lowest if each dryer already has its own intake and exhaust duct.

  • Several manufacturers specialize in heat recovery for this application. Contact a local heat recovery contractor in your area for installation.