Refrigeration Upgrades

Glass Door and Strip Curtains

Open refrigerator cases and refrigerated rooms waste energy as cold air spills out of the refrigeration unit. Not only does the refrigeration unit work harder, but if it is in a conditioned space, it may adversely affect comfort and increase winter heating costs. Covering the opening with either glass doors or strip curtains can save energy and reduce product loss.

Vinyl strip curtains work well for refrigeration units that are accessed often, or in walk-in coolers and rooms where employees enter and exit with a load or with forklifts. Glass doors are effective on refrigeration units that are accessed less often. If a display case cannot be covered during the day, consider using covers at night to save energy during off hours.

It is important to remember that installing doors will reduce the cooling load. Your compressor may then be too large. Your refrigeration contractor can recommend the proper compressor size. If you have a multi-compressor system, you may be able to simply disconnect one compressor. You will probably be able to decrease defrost cycle run times as well.

Choosing The Right Compressors

The most important part of your refrigeration equipment is your compressor. Proper compressor sizing and operation is absolutely essential to both product quality and operating efficiency.

Compressors are sized to meet the maximum cooling load under the warmest surrounding conditions. This means that the compressor is oversized most of the time. If the system is sized with multiple small compressors rather than one large compressor, the load can be met more precisely for a wide range of conditions. Your refrigeration contractor can advise you on a proper size mix of compressors for your system.