How it Works

You'll be asked to enter 12 months of electricity and gas billing history for your business. You can enter as little as one month's billing data to generate a profile, and the system will estimate the rest for you. However, the more information you provide, the more comprehensive and accurate your profile will be.

Once you have logged in, you will be asked a series of questions about your business's energy consumption. Some questions may require that you leave your computer to collect details, such as the number and sizes of light bulbs and windows, needed to complete the profile. For your convenience, you may want to print off the questionnaire (requires Adobe® Acrobat® Reader®) and take it around your business site, filling in the information in each section. Then, you can return to your computer and enter the information in one session.

The process takes about 10-25 minutes depending on the profile you select. You can do sections of it now and return to it later, as the system will save the information you've entered. The profile has a security "time-out" feature, so you leave for more than a few minutes, you will need to login again with your user ID and password.

Your results
Once you've entered your responses, a report will be generated that:

  • breaks down your electricity and gas consumption
  • gives an overview of your appliance, heating, cooling and lighting costs
  • provides advice on cost-saving measures you can do now

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