Make Smart Choices Regarding New Home Energy Systems

Use the Comparison Tool to quickly compare the annual energy use and costs to operate heating and cooling equipment, water heaters, or lighting in your home. This powerful calculator enables you to compare two new appliances or a new appliance with an existing appliance already installed in your home.

The Comparison Tool automatically defaults to typical efficiencies for both existing and new appliances. However, you may enter different efficiencies to get an even better estimate of operating costs. Ask your contractor for the efficiency of your existing appliance and/or the new appliances you are considering.

The Comparison Tool will also estimate the length of time it will take to recover the cost of replacing your existing appliance with a new appliance through reduced energy costs. This length of time is called the "simple payback period" (or just "payback period"). You can also receive a payback period estimate for recovering the difference in installed costs between two new appliances. To receive a payback period calculation just enter the installed cost for the new system (or systems) you want to compare. The payback period will then be included in your Savings Summary. If the cost of two systems is the same, or there is no difference in operational costs between them, then no payback period is calculated. Your contractor can provide you with the installed costs for the new systems you are considering. You do not need to enter installed costs to receive your estimate of energy and cost savings.

The Comparison Tool uses average residential customer costs for electricity, natural gas, propane and fuel oil in the sponsoring utility's service area. To see what energy costs are being used for your area or to modify them, click here. Help screens are provided throughout the Comparison Tool. Just click on the for more information. If you have questions or comments on the Comparison Tool please email us.