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When you add up the energy use for all of your miscellaneous household appliances, the total can account for more than any other single appliance ... including your heating system! Here are some ideas on how to save energy and money around the home.


Use the right tool for the job. Using a full-size oven is not always necessary. Smaller appliances can get the job done for less, especially when cooking smaller meals. The chart below compares several methods of cooking the same meal and the energy consumed by each.

ApplianceTemperatureCooking TimeEnergy Use
Electric Oven350°F1 Hour2.0 kWh
Convection Oven325°F45 Minutes1.39 kWh
Toaster Oven450°F50 Minutes.95 kWh
Crockpot200°F7 Hours.7 kWh
Microwave Oven"High"15 Minutes.36 kWh
Oven cook top appliance
  • When appropriate, use a pressure cooker. By using steam pressure, it cooks at a higher temperature and reduces cooking time.
  • Keep pots and pans covered. Water boils faster and foods cook quicker.
  • Use the smallest pot or pan necessary. Smaller pans require less energy.
  • Match the pan size to the element or burner size. For instance, a 6" pan on an 8" element will waste 40% of the heat produced by the element.
  • Use reflective burner (drip) pans to reflect heat up toward the cooking surface. Always keep the burner pans clean and shiny.
  • Use flat-bottom cookware. Heat transfer from the burner element is less efficient if the pan does not have good contact with the element.
  • Preheat ovens only when required. Except for baking, most foods can be cooked without preheating. Don't set the temperature higher than necessary – it won’t heat up faster.
  • Keep the oven door closed - each time you open the oven door the heat escapes.
  • Don't line oven racks with foil. Foods cook more quickly and evenly when air can circulate freely.
  • Bake in glass or ceramic cookware. You can turn the temperature down by 25° F and foods will cook in the same time.
  • Use timers and meat thermometers to avoid overcooking. Not only does overcooking ruin the meal, it wastes energy as well.

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